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Located in Newport News, VA, Colonial Home Services is nearby, on-call and ready to help you 24/7 for emergency electrical, Plumbing, Furnace and AC repair. When you need electrical, plumbing furnace or AC repair or installation for your Newport News home or business, you can trust the professional electricians, plumbers and ac techs at Colonial Home Services will do the job right. We’re proud of our A+ Rating at the BBB, and we have great customer reviews on Facebook and Google. We pride ourselves on our honest and reliable electric, plumbing, furnace and AC repair solutions, and we look forward to becoming your electrician, plumber and ac technicians of choice. Give us a call today!

Electrical Repair in Newport News

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Newport News, VA Electricians, Plumbers, Furnace and AC Technicians

Electricians, Plumbers Furnace and AC Technicians On-Call and Standing By.

Newport News Electrical Installation & Repair Services

When you need an electrician, Plumber Furnace or AC technician in Newport News, VA, call Colonial Home Services. With over 40 years experience, we have the training and expertise to handle any electrical, plumbing furnace or AC repair or installation job. We offer a wide range of residential electrical, plumbing, furnace or AC services in Newport News and throughout the Virginia Peninsula including home rewiring, electrical upgrades, new home construction and remodels, historic restoration, complete exterior and interior lighting, and custom electrical layout and planning. Our professional electrician will do a free 25 point inspection on your home. Once its complete the technician will go over options with you. They will show you the safety features your home is missing and explain what they do. Click on the links below to learn more some of our electrical installation and repair services:

Whenever you plug in an appliance, flip a switch or adjust a light, you interact with the electrical system in your home. Colonial Electrical Services works to ensure home owners can interact with their electrical systems in a safe and user friendly manner. Learn more about new home electrical installation…

Adding living space to your home can be a scary experience. An expert from Colonial Electrical Services can help you navigate through the logistics of the electrical experience for any room in need of outlets, lighting, smoke detectors, ceiling fans and more. Learn more about electrical service for home expansion and additions.

Electrical infrastructure can be overlooked during remodeling projects because it’s hidden behind walls, yet it is one of the first things you should consider. Remodeling projects can provide the perfect opportunity to upgrade, improve and inspect your electrical systems. Learn more about electrical services for home remodeling projects…

Homes often have many types of wiring within them including; power distribution, lighting, phone, permanently installed and portable appliances, heating and ventilation system controls. For extensive projects, hiring an electrical contractor makes good sense. Learn more about our wiring and rewiring services.

As homeowners, we can all relate to power outages and electrical problems. Unfortunately, solutions can be dangerous and expensive in the wrong hands. Colonial Electrical Services will send a qualified electrician to ensure your repairs are done right. Learn more about Electrical Repair Services…

Don’t have a backup generator in place yet? Let our Generac trained technicians go over the benefits of a Generac home standby generator. What are your plans for when the lights and power go out next? Buying a Generac generator can save you money and help to ensure you have hot water, heating, air conditioning and other home essentials when needed the most. We can assist you with a quick installation.

If you already have a generator but need service or repair, give us a call. We’ve been serving residents of Newport News and the Virginia Peninsula with their generator issues for years, and have the experience and tools to get the job done right, the first time. Learn more about generator installation…


Replacing old or damaged light fixtures can provide many benefits. Since the installation process requires electrical connections, using a qualified electrician for the project can provide you with confidence that your new fixtures are installed correctly.

Arc-fault circuit breakers shut off the power before an electrical fire can start. Every year more then 2,000 people die and or are injured from home electrical fires. While smoke detectors and fire extinguishers provide life saving help, it’s only after a fire starts. AFCI Breakers help prevent a fire.

Today’s home is full of electronics in things most people don’t even think about. Computer boards can be found, not only in computers, but also in phones, TVs, appliances, and even some water heaters. Don’t forget your heating and cooling system. Electrical surges are unwanted excesses of energy and we can help you avoid them.

Thermal Imaging allows us to find and correct costly electrical repairs before they happen. It shows us a panel is about to fail before it fails and heads off home electrical fires, loose connections and overloaded breakers and wires. It lets us see things a regular electrical check wouldn’t show. It allows us to see inside the breaker thermally and evaluate the contacts inside. Thermal imaging is the most cost effect method of checking this taking almost a quarter of the time it normally would to complete.

The Grounding system of your home is the most important part of the electrical safety system. Some older homes were grounded with only a piece of iron pipe which can erode away leaving you and your family in danger. Let us evaluate your grounding system and make a recommendation to you today. With our grounding service, we install two new ground rods that are specifically made for today’s harsh environments and a new copper conductor. These provide long life and protection.

Upgrades: Rewiring can be an expensive undertaking, but with a little planning you can minimize disruptions and turn the job into an opportunity for increased home value, added safety and comfort. Colonial Electrical Services will work to make sure these are priorities during your project.

Relocation: Colonial Electrical Services provides Class A wiring relocation services to clients throughout Newport News, Virginia and beyond. Our experts can assist with relocations in any room including bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, garages, outside spaces and more.

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They show up when they say they will and get the job done right. I recommend them to anyone in need of electrical service including my family and friends.

Neda P

Always professional, courteous and work completed on time. A must add to your address book for any electrical service you may need.

Richard Hamers

We will be calling Colonial for ALL of our future electrical requirements. Thanks again Colonial for providing such quick & professional service

Ben K.

I was very impressed with their professionalism and would not hesitate to recommend or use them again.
Thank you again

Heidi V.