AC Repair in Virginia Beach, VA

It never fails. When the weather gets hot, that’s when the air conditioner is going to stop working. The reason for this is that the air conditioner has to work harder to keep the home cool, so if there are any issues, they’re going to become known. When AC Repair in Virginia Beach is needed, the experts at Colonial Home Services can help. We offer air conditioner repair as well as a variety of other services and can provide emergency assistance when needed. 

When to Seek AC Repair in Virginia Beach

If you’re experiencing any issues with your air conditioner, it’s time to call for air conditioning repair services. We offer a variety of ac unit repair services and can arrive quickly to help you get it fixed right away. Some of the signs ac repair services are needed include the following. 

AC Not Blowing Cool Air

If the air coming from the vents is warm or hot, an air conditioning repair service is needed. It may be that the unit is low on refrigerant, the coils are frozen, or there are other components that have stopped working properly. 

Energy Costs are Rising

Energy costs do rise during the summer months because of the increased use of the AC unit. However, if they rise drastically from one month to the next, it’s a sign that an air conditioner repair service is needed, as the AC system may be working too hard to keep the home cool. 

Odd Noises or Smells

Odd noises or smells coming from the air conditioner may signal a need for air conditioner repair. Seek help immediately for burning smells, though odd noises or other smells may not require emergency assistance. 

Unit Turning On and Off Quickly

If the unit seems to be turning on and off quickly, it’s not working properly and will need air conditioning repair before the energy bills skyrocket. It is important to call at the first sign of this issue, as it could mean increased wear and tear on the components the more the system is used. 

Home Note Reaching the Desired Temperature

If the air conditioner doesn’t seem to be able to cool the home to a comfortable temperature, it may require an air conditioner repair service. The issue could be with the AC unit itself, or it could be a sign that something is wrong with the thermostat. 

Emergency Repair Services

If the air conditioner is having issues in the evening or during the night, it may be possible to wait until the next business day to get help. However, in some situations, emergency ac repair is needed. If the unit stops working completely and can’t cool the home or if there are burning smells coming from the AC unit, emergency ac repair is needed. We offer emergency services to ensure you get the right help as soon as possible, so you don’t have to worry about the issue getting worse or the temperature in the house getting too high. 

Preventing Issues for the AC Unit

Proper care of the AC unit can help prevent the need for frequent ac repair services. While an air conditioning repair service may still be needed occasionally, keeping the AC unit maintained will mean services are needed far less than they would be if the system wasn’t cared for properly. Caring for the AC unit can be as simple as having maintenance done yearly by a professional, changing the filters regularly, and keeping an eye out for anything unusual that may need to be fixed. 

Quality AC Repair in Virginia Beach

During the summer months, it can get hot outside. If it’s hot inside, too, you may need AC repair in Virginia Beach to get the system working again. Our team of experts has the training and experience needed to diagnose any issues with your AC system and make sure it’s fixed quickly and correctly. We’ll arrive promptly and get to work, whether it’s a standard ac unit repair or an emergency, so you don’t have to worry about how to cool down the home without the air conditioning. 

If your air conditioner isn’t keeping the home cool, it’s time to get help. At Colonial Home Services, we offer expert AC Repair in Virginia Beach and can help with any repairs that may be needed. We also offer emergency services, so you don’t have to wait to get help. Contact us today to get help with any air conditioner issues you may be experiencing.