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Should you Replace Polybutylene Piping In Your Home?

If your home was built any time during the late 70s through the mid-90s, there is a very good chance that the builder used polybutylene tubing for much of your plumbing. Polybutylene resin is a saturated polymer that can be molded into a number of forms and shapes. It is resistant to chemicals, acids, alcohols, and fats and was seemingly the perfect solution for replacing traditional water pipes. However, as these piping systems began to age, their reliability was called into question. And as it turns out, polybutylene pipes begin to deteriorate after 10 – 15 years. A good home inspection can determine if your plumbing uses polybutylene piping, but a visual inspection can only go so far. As the deterioration happens from the inside out, only a licensed plumber can determine if there are any issues. If your home was one of the millions of households built during this time using polybutylene plumbing it’s recommended to get your system checked out. Polybutylene Piping? Call Today! We have plumbers On-Call and Standing By. Call Now! Polybutylene pipes can fail due to either faulty installation or chemical reactions between the polybutylene and chemicals put in the water supply (chlorine for instance). This can cause the pipes to become brittle and begin to fail. Once this reaction happens, these cracks can lead to leaky pipes and other issues. Call the professional plumbers at Colonial Home Services if you think your home may contain polybutylene piping. We’ll send a professional plumber to inspect your system and alert you to any problems or issues.

Caring For You Through COVID-19

Dear Colonial Family Member, The safety and wellness of our clients, team members, and families are our top priority. In the home services industry, we have a unique role in the current situation. In accordance with the CDC and other government guidelines, we have immediately taken the following preventive measures to help reduce your risk of exposure to COVID-19. We are implementing increased cleaning regimes of our office and service vehicles, to keep our team members healthy in order to serve you. As always, we will wear new and clean floor savers whenever we are in your home Our servicemen will be wearing latex gloves at all times while working in your home. Team members who are not feeling well are instructed to stay home, to enable them to recover more quicker. You can also help by washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitizer when interacting with our staff. With the recommendation of social distancing and self-quarantining, the needs for home maintenance are likely to increase. While there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its effect on our daily lives, one thing is certain: Colonial Electrical Services will continue to provide worry-free electrical services. Sincerely, Your Team at Colonial Electrical Services

Powering Your Home and Business With a Generator

Having a generator installed at your place of work or home can be a life saver. It not only provides peace of mind that you will have power during times of need but it could save you money, prevent grievances and literally save lives as well. We all know that life's most precious commodities can often be needed when unavailable. Here are a few things that having an at home or commercial generator can help prevent you from experiencing. Loss of Data We run our every day business around the data that we retrieve and create. Unfortunately, we can often lose data for a variety of reasons when the power goes out. Sometimes this means the loss of a few hours of work and at other times it means the loss of an entire database. Obviously it is important to keep backups, but a generator can save you the time and money of recovering your backup to work properly. Installing a standby generator will prevent any down time and will help you to keep the integrity of your data in tact. Reduced Ability to Work Down time... We've all experienced it due to power outages and for other reasons as well. One of the most frustrating times you can experience this is when you are right in the middle of a project with a deadline of EOD! Depending on your location and services you may be catering to clients who aren't experiencing the same issues that you are. In that case, the work must go on! So what do you do if you're computer, printer, other devices and lighting

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