Having a generator installed at your place of work or home can be a life saver. It not only provides peace of mind that you will have power during times of need but it could save you money, prevent grievances and literally save lives as well. We all know that life’s most precious commodities can often be needed when unavailable. Here are a few things that having an at home or commercial generator can help prevent you from experiencing.

Loss of Data

We run our every day business around the data that we retrieve and create. Unfortunately, we can often lose data for a variety of reasons when the power goes out. Sometimes this means the loss of a few hours of work and at other times it means the loss of an entire database. Obviously it is important to keep backups, but a generator can save you the time and money of recovering your backup to work properly. Installing a standby generator will prevent any down time and will help you to keep the integrity of your data in tact.

Reduced Ability to Work

Down time… We’ve all experienced it due to power outages and for other reasons as well. One of the most frustrating times you can experience this is when you are right in the middle of a project with a deadline of EOD! Depending on your location and services you may be catering to clients who aren’t experiencing the same issues that you are. In that case, the work must go on! So what do you do if you’re computer, printer, other devices and lighting are out? If you don’t have a standby generator then you might have a really hard time meeting that deadline.

Discomfort During Outages

Discomfort looks different for all of us, but one thing we have in common is that we all experience it during power outages. Having a standby generator in place will allow for the continued use of lighting, refrigerators, heating and cooling, essential appliances and more. Don’t allow the loss of power to effect your daily habits. Let your generator kick in and do the work that your normal power does.

Loss of food and essentials

How many times have you lost food and other key essentials due to your power being out? Unfortunately most goods don’t last unless supported by things like your refrigerator and freezer. If you took a moment to add up the cost of your lost goods over the last five outages, we think you would be surprised at how much you would save if you had a generator.

Loss of Life

It may not be easy to take this seriously if you aren’t in need of support now, but many people require assistance from machinery, devices and key resources that are dependent on power. An outage can cause unwanted problems when you need it most. Especially in cases when roads are blocked, and others aren’t around to help.

So take it from us that you should have a generator on stand-by for when your power goes out. It will inevitably happen and we’d like to ensure that you have peace of mind when it does. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have an electrical services questions. There is no question too big or small for us to assist with. We prefer an educated customer and in this case a comfortable one.