Powering Your Home and Business With a Generator

Having a generator installed at your place of work or home can be a life saver. It not only provides peace of mind that you will have power during times of need but it could save you money, prevent grievances and literally save lives as well. We all know that life's most precious commodities can often be needed when unavailable. Here are a few things that having an at home or commercial generator can help prevent you from experiencing. Loss of Data We run our every day business around the data that we retrieve and create. Unfortunately, we can often lose data for a variety of reasons when the power goes out. Sometimes this means the loss of a few hours of work and at other times it means the loss of an entire database. Obviously it is important to keep backups, but a generator can save you the time and money of recovering your backup to work properly. Installing a standby generator will prevent any down time and will help you to keep the integrity of your data in tact. Reduced Ability to Work Down time... We've all experienced it due to power outages and for other reasons as well. One of the most frustrating times you can experience this is when you are right in the middle of

How To Properly Replace a Light Fixture

Light sources are one of the most important elements of any room, no matter where it is located within a dwelling. With proper lighting, even an enclosed space can be used during any time of the day and night. This provides the users of that space with comfort and accessibility during times of need. Before the invention of the readily available power grid, people resorted to burning devices to provide a space with light. We then moved onward and upward with lamps, inset lighting, and entire lighting systems until we've arrived at the innovations that we have today. Thankfully, some of these innovations are ones that the properly prepared home owner can handle themselves. In this article, we will review the steps for properly replacing a light fixture. Just one of the many lighting devices that can be found in your home. Before we move into the proper steps to replace a light fixture, we would like to encourage you to practice safety when attempting this yourself. Working with any electrical project can be dangerous without the right precaution. Make sure the breakers for the rooms you are in are switched off and you are wearing protective gloves as a backup precaution. 6 Steps to Replacing a Light Fixture Removal: 1. Turn the necessary power off This may seem obvious

Why You Should Buy a Whole House Surge Protector

Do you have sophisticated appliances and electronics in your home? In the world we live in today, everyone has them and it is likely that you do to. If this is the case, you should safeguard your electronics from potential surges using whole house surge protectors. Consider the times that you've seen lights flickering in your house, or your computer locking up for no good reason! It turns out that it takes as short as a millisecond for a power surge to take place which is just a fraction of the time your eyes take to blink. Unfortunately, we often take these little spikes lightly, but what we do not know is that, the spikes are capable of greater damage to a home than we can't often fathom unless it has happened to your before. Now, you might be wondering "what can I do to prevent power surge issues?". The best, most affordable and simple way to avoid these losses is to install a whole house surge protector in your home. Below, you will find more information on how whole house surge protectors work and what they do. Protecting electronics before a surge Fact: Most dangerous surges originate from appliances and systems like AC units and not from the breaker itself. This may cause you to ask yourself "Then, why

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