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Colonial Home Services is your #1 choice for the best, most comprehensive air duct cleaning services in Virginia. Our professional HVAC technicians are well-trained and experienced with the cleaning process for your air ducts, vent covers and dryer vents.

Air Duct Cleaning

Your ductwork is an important part of the heating and cooling system in your home, but did you know that your ducts can contain dust, dander and other contaminants? Getting regular duct cleaning done is an important part of maintaining and improving the indoor air quality of your home or business. When you call Colonial Home Services, you can expect to benefit from our honest business practices, standard pricing structures, and professionalism. Using effective tools, we will be able to remove anything that has gotten caught inside of your ductwork and ensure you have the proper ventilation circulating throughout your home. We use a combination of air whipping and rotary brush systems to offer air duct cleaning you can count on.

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Professional Duct Cleaning

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Professional Duct Cleaning

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You deserve a healthy environment for your family. The quality of your indoor air plays a huge part in making sure your home is fresh, clean, and healthy for breathing – especially for small children, the elderly, and people with allergies. Up to 40 pounds of dirt, dust, and allergens go through the air ducts in each home, each year! When you use your heat or air conditioning, the pollutants can be circulated throughout your home or business, and this can aggravate existing respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and asthma.

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They show up when they say they will and get the job done right. I recommend them to anyone in need of electrical service including my family and friends.

Neda P

Always professional, courteous and work completed on time. A must add to your address book for any electrical service you may need.

Richard Hamers

We will be calling Colonial for ALL of our future electrical requirements. Thanks again Colonial for providing such quick & professional service

Ben K.

I was very impressed with their professionalism and would not hesitate to recommend or use them again.
Thank you again

Heidi V.