Electrical Panel Repair in Virginia Beach, VA

All of the power in the home comes through the electrical panel, so if it’s not working right, fast Electrical Panel Repair in Virginia Beach is needed. It is crucial to make sure all repairs are done by an electrician in Virginia Beach, VA, which is something our team can handle for you. At Colonial Home Services, we know how essential it is to make sure repairs are done quickly. When you call for an electrical panel replacement or repair, we make sure you get the help that’s needed as fast as possible. 

Signs You Need Electrical Panel Repair in Virginia Beach

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine if electrical panel repair services are needed. When any of the following signs are needed, call us to have an electrician in Virginia Beach, VA, do the repairs quickly so you have less to worry about. 

Circuits Trip Often

Circuits that trip regularly could be due to an overloaded circuit. Often, this means the electrical panel will need to be repaired or replaced. We can take a look at the panel to determine why the circuits are tripping regularly and what is needed to stop this from happening. 

Wiring Appears Damaged

If there appears to be any damage to the electrical panel wiring, it is important to have repairs done quickly. Damaged electrical panel wiring can increase the risk of a fire or an electrical arc, which can be extremely dangerous for anyone that goes near the panel. 

Panel is Rusted or Corroded

Rust and corrosion on an electrical panel aren’t necessarily a safety concern, but they do show that electrical panel repair services are needed. If there is any moisture near the panel, it is essential to have repairs done soon, so the circuits are protected from damage. 

Burning Smell From Panel

A burning smell coming from the panel indicates an emergency. There may be issues with the breaker box wiring or circuits. Do not touch the panel and call us for help right away, as the burning smell can indicate there is a potential for an electrical fire. 

Panel is Hot to the Touch

If the panel feels hot to the touch, there could be an issue with the breaker box wiring or with the circuits being overloaded and failing to trip properly. This is also a sign of an emergency, so it’s crucial to call for Electrical Panel Repair in Virginia Beach immediately. 

What to Do if Repairs are Needed

If repairs are needed, it’s important to call for professional help right away. Our team can provide advice on what to do before we arrive if anything needs to be done. We will often recommend leaving the panel alone, as it can be dangerous to come into contact with a panel that is damaged or showing signs of any issues. We’ll likely ask questions about what is happening, so we know what to look for as soon as we arrive and can get the repair done fast. 

Repair Versus Replacement Options

It’s possible that a repair may be all that’s needed to get the electrical panel working again, but it may also need to be replaced. We can let you know if an electrical panel installation may be needed or if repairs will get everything back to normal. When the electrical panel has severe damage or if it is not providing the right amount of power to the home, we’ll recommend an electrical panel replacement or upgrade. If an electrical panel installation is needed, we can make sure it’s done right. 

Trusted Electrical Panel Repair in Virginia Beach

Electrical panels provide all of the power to the home, so they do need to be handled carefully, especially if they are showing signs of any issues. When you have an issue with the electrical panel in your home, you’ll want expert assistance right away to fix it before the issue becomes worse. We work hard to make sure your family is safe by providing the trusted repair services you need, no matter what is going on with your electrical panel or why it has stopped working properly. 

If you notice anything wrong with the electrical panel for your home, especially the issues listed above, it’s time to call for expert Electrical Panel Repair in Virginia Beach. We can arrive quickly, make sure the repair is done right, and provide advice as needed to prevent future issues. Call Colonial Home Services today to request any panel repair services that might be needed.