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Electrical upgrades can change the style, functionality and security of your home. This often comes in the form of services like outlet additions, which allow your system to consume more energy, and outdoor lighting, which can keep your family safe from injury, animals and burglars at night. Altogether, electrical services can transform your home and make it more comfortable.

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24/7 Emergency Electrical Services

If your home has recently undergone a power outage or your outlets are emitting burning odors, electrical services aren’t something you can wait for. At Colonial Home Services, we understand that in an electrical emergency, you need our help now. That’s why we offer our customers 24/7 emergency electrical services and financing options, so we can assist you right away.

Offering Reliable Electrician Services

Our expert electrician services help to light and power your home. Here are some examples of the electrician services we offer:

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Electrical Repair

Your electrical system works hard every day to power your home. However, even with regular maintenance, it often runs out of steam at some point. When your electrical parts start to wear down, it becomes time for electrical repair. If any of your electrical components are emitting burning smells, sparking, and tripping breakers or fuses, you should call a professional.

Electrical repairs can range from testing your electrical current and efficiency, replacing fuses or cables, upgrading to a circuit breaker system in your main panel, fixing loose electrical parts or disconnected wires and conducting inspections to help homeowners adhere to code. Our expert electricians can also suggest ways to help you cut down on your monthly energy bills.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

In addition to repairs, electrical panel upgrade is another common service. Outdated electrical panels were made with the technology needs of the past in mind. Today’s technology requires a much stronger electrical system to handle our various electronics and appliances. An electrical panel upgrade also makes EV chargers, rewiring and solar panels a possibility in your home.

An electrical panel upgrade can take you from an inefficient fuse box to circuit breakers that offer a safer system. While fuse boxes can still function in your home, they are more likely to become overloaded, blow, and even cause fires. A circuit breaker system cuts power if a circuit is receiving more energy flow than intended, offering an additional layer of surge protection.

Home Remodels

Home renovation upgrades often aren’t as daunting for homeowners as repairs. This is your time to have fun with your electrical services and add specific amenities to your home. Lighting and outlet products both offer smart options, which are controllable from your smartphone or tablet. Also useful, you can add charging stations and dimmer switches for your convenience.

Along with style, home remodels also offer your home new safety features. Upgrading your outlets from the old version to GFCI outlets provides extra protection for areas of your home that come into contact with water, like your kitchen or bathroom. Smart smoke detectors and carbon monoxide units also send alerts to your phone if they detect any smoke or imbalances.

New Home Inspections

When you are buying a new home, you should always have a professional inspect your electrical system. Relying on DIY’s from the old homeowners or a family member, can result in dangerous issues like fires, shocks or chemical leaks. Old or historic homes also often have an outdated electrical panel, worn components and mismatched wiring that needs updates.

The National Electric Code is updated every three years to accommodate for technology’s ever-changing needs. Our skilled electricians can inspect your new home to make sure its electrical system has been regularly maintained, is up to code, and worth your investment. This can satisfy home insurance requirements and also prepare you for lower future energy costs.

Wiring and Rewiring

Electrical wiring services are one of the most complex and dangerous parts of electrical work. In a new home build, electrical wiring consists of measuring studs in the wall and running cables through at equivalent distances. The cables are then routed to different rooms in your home and concealed for style. GFCI and AFCI outlets are the updated standard for new home electrical.

Electrical rewiring is a little more involved than new wiring because electricians have to work around the current system to find proper routes for the new products. Outdated systems often cause flickering lights and power surges and lack safety. For example, old knob and tube wiring has design faults like lacking grounding for stray voltage, which presents shock risks.

Generator Installation

Generator installation comes in handy when your power goes out. There are portable generators you roll out of storage when you need to and types that integrate into your electrical system for easier access. Some styles regain power to your most crucial household amenities, like the lights and the fridge, while others have the capacity to regain power to your entire home.

The process of adding a whole-home generator may take a few weeks, so our electricians can pull permits, get clearance on fuel lines, receive materials, and install your unit. However, the wait is worth it because owning this back-up generator keeps your full energy flowing during an emergency, when electrical companies have multiple demands or can’t reach you right away.

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