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Like anything in life, nothing is built to last forever. Just as your car, machinery, or appliances may need maintenance or repairs, so does your home’s electrical system. As your home ages, so does its electrical system. Through the years, you will find that it needs some components to be replaced, some need to be repaired, and others may only need regular maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape. How do you know when your electrical system needs some TLC?

Most of the time, your electrical system will show signs of failure or damage. Knowing whether to repair or replace can only be determined during an electrical inspection. When you contact Colonial Home Services, we conduct a thorough electrical inspection to determine what your electrical system needs. Knowing what to do before your electrical system fails can save you money and time.

For all your electrical inspections in Williamsburg, VA and the surrounding areas, call Colonial Home Services at (757) 272-7247. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for your safety, and the safety of your home.

When Should an Electrical Inspection Take Place

  • If you live in an old house and your electrical system shows signs of electrical failure, you need an electrical inspection.
  • If you have been living in the same house for more than 40 years and still have the original electrical system installed, your home needs an electrical inspection.
  • Moving into a new home poses additional factors, such as not knowing the history of the electrical system, its maintenance plan, or when the last components were replaced. When buying a new home, it is always best to hire a professional electrician to conduct an electrical inspection. This will ensure the well-being of your home and the safety of the people that live in it.
  • The bottom line is that electrical inspections are essential to your home and should be conducted every 3 – 5 years to ensure that your electrical system runs smoothly. Scheduling regular electrical inspections will lower your repair costs and save you the trouble of continuous electrical problems.

Signs That Show You Need an Electrical Inspection

As mentioned earlier, your electrical system may show some signs that it requires attention. These are some signs that suggest an electrical inspection is needed:

  • Switches and electrical outlets are hot
  • A burning smell from your electrical panel
  • A buzzing noise coming from outlets or panel
  • Regular circuit trips
  • Lights that flicker or dim
  • Loose electrical outlets or switches

What Happens During an Electrical Inspection?

Knowing all the details of an electrical inspection comes with having over 40 years of experience in electrical services. When we conduct an electrical inspection, we check the following:

  • Circuit breakers
  • Your main electrical panel
  • Switches
  • Wiring
  • Lighting
  • Outlets
  • GFCIs work correctly
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

If any of these things need attention, we assess the condition of the components before we decide on a solution that is effective and efficient for your home. If anything is not up to local code, we make provisions to bring it up to standard. We will ensure that all the work done on your premises is done safely, and promptly.

Advantages of an Electrical Inspection in Williamsburg, VA

It is important to keep the electrical system in your home and business up to standard. By doing so, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • You will save money on wear and tear.
  • Your electrical system will stay efficient.
  • Electrical malfunctions, such as tripped circuit breakers, can be avoided.
  • Local codes can be met.
  • Your home is safe for you and your family.
  • You can increase the value of your property if it is on the market.
  • You and your family can have peace of mind knowing the condition of your electrical system.

Electrical Inspections You Can Count On

A home is an investment and should be treated with care and respect. Ensuring that your home is safe from electrical fires and electrocution starts with conducting regular electrical inspections. At Colonial Home Services, we pride ourselves on creating lasting customer relationships that are built on trust and a spotless reputation. Colonial Home Services is a locally owned business, providing electrical services to homes and businesses in Newport News, Williamsburg, and Virginia Beach.

If you would like to us come to your home in Williamsburg and surrounding areas for an electrical inspection, or if you would like more information on our electrical services, call us at (757) 272-7247 or contact us on our website.

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