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Our electrical systems work hard in our homes, delivering power to our appliances, lighting, and heavy machinery. Eventually, our electrical system experiences problems. Trying to diagnose an electrical problem can be challenging. At times we may discover that the source of the problem is easily identifiable, such as a burning smell or sparks coming from an electrical outlet. Sometimes, the cause of the problem can be hidden, and we may have no physical access to it. The problem may present itself unidentifiable by the eye but require a specific piece of equipment to detect it. Sometimes there are just too many possible reasons for a malfunction. All these scenarios can leave us feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Hiring a licensed electrical company will enable you to find a solution to your electrical fault. At Colonial Home Services, our qualified electricians offer regular maintenance and inspections of your electrical system. This can decrease the chances of electrical faults and stop potential issues before they occur. Doing so can save you money on repairs and replacements, as well as monthly utility bills.

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What Is Electrical Troubleshooting?

Electrical troubleshooting is a method used by expert electricians to examine the performance of the electrical system in your home or business and determine its faults and weaknesses. Electrical troubleshooting may not be safe if you are not professionally trained to work with electricity. Hiring a licensed electrician can offer you safety and convenience when faced with a faulty electrical system. Colonial Home Services has been dealing with all types of electrical faults for over 40 years in Williamsburg, VA. With our experience, we will find the problem in no time.

When to Call for Electrical Troubleshooting

When considering whether you need electrical troubleshooting or not, there are a few signs to look out for. These signs can tell you if your electrical system has a problem.

  • Having frequent power surges can often lead to the damage of expensive appliances or equipment. Having a power surge protector installed in your home or business can protect you from unwanted expenses.
  • Lights that become dim or flicker when appliances are plugged in may indicate that there is not enough power traveling through to your home.
  • A sign of voltage being too high is light bulbs frequently burning out. Light bulbs may also burn out faster than usual because of a connection problem between the light fitting and the wiring. By hiring a professional electrician, you can successfully find the root of your electrical fault.
  • Electrical shocks are dangerous. A serious problem in your home can be indicated by metal surfaces holding electrical current. This means that your house is not grounded, and the electrics in your home are extremely unsafe to use. Call us immediately if you are experiencing frequent electrical shocks in your home.
  • Breakers are supposed to trip when there is too much power being drawn on one circuit. When too many appliances are being used in one outlet, this is the result. Unplugging some appliances may allow your circuit breaker to function as normal.
  • Electrical outlets may feel warm after use. This can indicate that they are overworked. Try unplugging some appliances. If this does not help, call an electrician.
  • If you are plugging something into an outlet and it makes a noise or shows blue sparks, it may indicate damaged or frayed wires. Your outlet should be switched off immediately, and you should contact an electrician.
  • The distinct smell of burning plastic usually means that the insulation is being burnt. This means that wires can touch each other and cause a fire in your home or business. Tripping the circuit breaker is the safest way to deal with this problem, as it allows you to safely cut power to the source of the burning smell.

Local & Dependable Electrical Troubleshooting

It is normal to experience some electrical problems, such as a circuit board that continues to trip. This function is a protection for your home and indicates that there is a problem in your electrical system. When you are faced with a problem like this, call a professional electrician to successfully source and fix your electrical fault.

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