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Electric vehicles are more common than they were a decade ago. They were more of a concept than a reality. It was thought of as the ideal solution for greenhouse gas emissions by cars. Eventually, they became slightly more serious than just a concept. Electric vehicles became popular among the wealthy since they were pricier than most other cars. However, nowadays, electric vehicles can belong to anyone. They are easily accessible for the middle-class working American. Electric vehicles have become much more affordable to purchase and run.

Electric vehicles are incredibly eco-friendly and can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. They also save a ton of money on fuel. If you have an electric vehicle, you are fortunate enough not to experience the stress of rising fuel prices.

However, the one downside of electric vehicles is the inconvenience of charging them. You likely make use of public charging stations. These charging stations aren’t as accessible as gas stations, so you may have to go to difficult lengths to reach one. This shouldn’t stop you from having an electric vehicle. You can have your eco-friendly wheels and a place to charge them in your own home. An EV charger installation in your home is the best way to charge your electric vehicle.

Reasons to Install Your Own EV Charger

Although you only need to charge your electric vehicle’s battery every 3-4 days, it takes several hours to get it fully recharged. This is slightly longer than it takes to refill your fuel-powered car’s tank up at a gas station. Even though you may know all the local charging stations, waiting around until your car is fully charged can waste time and leave you without a car in an emergency. For this reason, most people choose not to own an electrical vehicle. This shouldn’t be the reason that you decide not to have an electric vehicle. There is an easier way! By installing an EV charger in your home, you can plug your car in, and carry on with your day.

Convenience and Accessibility

Not only does having your own EV charger at home save you some frustrating trips to a public charging station, but it also has a few tricks to make your life easier!

Save energy and electricity costs by scheduling when you want your vehicle to charge. There are even types of EV chargers that can access the WIFI and allow homeowners to control them from inside the house.

You can also track your electric vehicle’s charging history with an app. This app can help you to stay on top of charging schedules by setting timers. This is a helpful tip to save on electricity. These features are in place to provide additional convenience and reliability for you.

Did you know that you can take your EV charger with you wherever you go? Unlike most other electrical appliances, you can take your EV charger with you if you leave your home for an extended period. Just call your local and dependable electrician to remove your EV charger from your current home and reinstall it in your new one. This is simple and affordable.

Perhaps you are concerned about the impact an EV charger will have on your electricity bill. Naturally, it will increase. However, you can combat this by charging your EV when you sleep at night instead of during peak hours, so you can take advantage of lower electricity rates. The smart features on an EV charger will make this easier for you to keep up with, as they can set reminders to notify you when to charge your vehicle.

Types of EV Chargers

Not all EV chargers are the same. This makes sense considering that not all kinds of electric vehicles are the same. The first step to knowing what type of EV charger you need is reading through the manufacturer’s manual. It is important to know what specifications your electric vehicle has so that you can install the right EV charger.

Perhaps your electric vehicle can get by on a small EV charger that plugs into a standard 240V outlet. However, some electric vehicles require more power and larger charging stations.

Each electric vehicle has a particular kind of battery. Therefore, it is important to install an EV charger that is compatible with your electric vehicle’s battery. The right EV charger will protect your battery and prolong its life.

Since most households have more than one car, you may have more than one electric vehicle. You may be sharing your EV charger between two cars, provided that both vehicles use the same type of EV charger. It is wise to purchase electric vehicles with similar charging specifications to cut out the inconvenience of having multiple chargers.

Having more than one electric vehicle doesn’t have to be a hassle, even if you don’t have much space. You can request longer cables to accommodate both your vehicles.

Where Do You Install an EV Charger?

To protect your EV charger, the best place to install it is in your garage. Most EV chargers need to be sheltered from weather elements like rain. However, there are EV chargers that are best for the outdoors. These are known as outdoor-rated EV chargers, and they can be installed right next to your home if you don’t have a garage. Every home is different, but you can be sure that we will find the perfect place to install your EV charger so that it has easy access.

You may be tempted to install your own EV charger, but this is not a good idea if you are not an electrician. Most EV chargers must be hooked up to your home’s electrical system; this can be tricky. It takes trained hands and eyes to install your EV charger perfectly. Don’t waste money; leave it to a licensed electrician. Colonial Home Services will ensure you get the best type of EV charger.

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