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If you need trustworthy lighting installation and repair services in your hometown of Williamsburg, your search is over. Colonial Home Services has a team of qualified electricians that are ready to assist you with all your lighting needs. We can provide your home with quality outdoor and indoor lighting. There are no limits to what we can do. Your dream home with the perfect lighting is just a short phone call away.

While installing and repairing your lights may seem like something you can tackle by yourself, it is not something we recommend. Our experts have trained for years to be able to work with your home’s electrical system safely and effectively. Installing and repairing your own lighting can be dangerous, and you may even cause further damage, leading to costly repairs. Make the smart choice and depend on us for your lighting needs.

For the best lighting repairs and installations, contact us by giving us a call or scheduling an appointment online using our convenient form. We look forward to earning your business!

Our Unbeatable Indoor Lighting Services in Williamsburg

Our experts at Colonial Home Services are proud to offer indoor lighting that will brighten your life! Whether you need lighting repairs or installations in your home, we can give them to you. We will complete the job safely and properly so that you can enjoy your lighting without any hassles.

Whether you want to install more lights to make your rooms brighter or you want to upgrade your home with energy-efficient LEDs, we can make it happen. We can give your home a whole new makeover just by installing new lights that accentuate your home’s designs and features. With the right lighting, your home can feel as good as new. There are several types of lighting designs that focus on different aspects of your home:

Recessed Lighting

If you want to give your home a modern new look, recessed lighting is the way to go. This form of lighting will give substantial lighting while not stealing any attention away from your home’s décor. These lights are flush against your walls or ceilings. This is the perfect fit for bathroom lighting.

Task Lighting

Tasking lighting is a great option for your kitchen lighting needs. You can have them installed under your kitchen counter to shed a little light on you while you cook. Task lighting is also perfect for workbenches or desks. This type of lighting is centered on close-range lighting for specific activities.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is great for bringing attention to certain features in your home. This type of lighting can even be a design feature of its own.


Are you eager to give your home a classy new look? A chandelier is the best way to make your home feel royal. With us, you can make your house feel like a mansion with one simple feature – a beautiful chandelier!

Lighting Repair Services

If you have the following problems, you can call Colonial Home Services for your lighting repairs:

  • Light bulbs burning out sooner than they should
  • Lights that constantly flicker
  • Lights that dim when you use another appliance
  • Burning smells near your light fixtures
  • Faulty lighting controls

No matter what problem you are experiencing with your lighting, we can help you! Our experts know the ins and outs of indoor and outdoor lighting. Don’t ignore these clear signs that you need electrical assistance from a professional. We will inspect your lighting until we find the problem and can provide a suitable solution.

Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to putting lights outside your home, you need a professional electrician. Some of your landscape or security lighting may be in places that are hard to reach, even to change a bulb. We can ensure that those lights are always working. Our professionals know how to reach those lights that are hard to get to. From floodlights to LEDs, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential for a fully functioning garden. Without proper outdoor lighting, your garden is only usable during the day. That is no fun at all! With Colonial Home Services, your garden can become the new hangout spot in your home. Dinner parties and late-night swims in your pool can become a new norm for your family. Turn your garden into a wonderland so you can embrace nightlife! Not to mention the benefits of brightening up your beautiful garden. Landscape lighting can open so many doors for so many fun evenings!

Security Lighting

Not only does outdoor lighting hold an aesthetic value, but it can also be practical. We offer affordable and reliable security lighting installations. Would you like to know if someone is on your property? You can install a motion-sensing light that will go on if someone steps in front of it. You can also install a variety of other security lighting options that will light up every corner of your yard so that criminals can’t find dark spots to hide. Take your family’s safety to another level with our great security lighting options.

Commercial Lighting

Do you own a business that needs lighting installed or repaired? Colonial Home Services can do that too! We don’t only offer residential lighting services but are proud to offer a wide range of commercial lighting services! With our respectful electricians, you can trust us not to disrupt your business operations.

Hire an Expert for Your Lighting Needs

Some homeowners choose to tackle their lighting installations by themselves, but this can be tricky and risky. Working with electricity is dangerous and complicated. Our electricians had to train for many years to become licensed and certified to fix and install your lighting. We often deal with exposed wiring or high places in a home. We know what we are doing so you can rest easy with the confidence that your lighting will be taken care of! Let the experts at Colonial Home Services deal with it so you don’t have to.

For reliable lighting services, contact us by giving us a call or arrange an appointment online. We look forward to our opportunity to earn your business!

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