Furnace Tune-Up in Newport News and Virginia Beach, VA

Winters here in Hampton Roads can get cold and miserable. When temperatures drop and the icy wind threatens to cut right through us, we look forward to coming in out of the cold. Having a furnace that’s working properly can help drive away the chill of winter and make our homes much more comfortable. If your furnace could use a boost, trust the experts at Colonial Home Services for a residential furnace tune-up in Hampton Roads and the surrounding areas!


If you need a professional furnace tune-up in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News or Williamsburg, contact us online, or give us a call at (757) 272-7247 to schedule an appointment for service.


Furnace Tune-Up to Keep Your Heating System in Shape

In a perfect world, your furnace would always keep your home and family warm. Without fail, it would live up to your expectations no matter what the weather outside was like. Annual furnace tune-up services can help make sure it does just that.

Here at Colonial Home Services, our highly skilled and experienced HVAC technicians can provide the routine maintenance you need to keep your heating system in top working order. Contact us to schedule a service appointment today, so your furnace will serve you well all winter long.

Why Do I Need Annual Heating Maintenance?

Many homeowners feel that annual heating maintenance isn’t really necessary. Actually, quite the opposite is true. Though your furnace may work for a while without preventative maintenance, it won’t give you the optimal performance you’re looking for. Consider some of the main reasons having routine tune-ups can be beneficial.

  • Fewer Breakdowns – Having a furnace break down in the middle of winter is frustrating. It leaves your home cold and your family miserable. It could increase the likelihood of your family getting sick, too. Annual furnace tune-ups reduce the risks of unexpected breakdowns, so you won’t have to worry about being left in the cold at the worst possible times.
  • More Heating Power – Several problems can arise with a home heating system over time. Those include gas leaks, worn electrical wiring, clogged burners, and damaged mechanical parts to name a few. All those issues can detract from your heater’s effectiveness, but regular furnace maintenance will make sure it’s generating optimal heating power.
  • Increased Efficiency – Improved efficiency is another reason it’s important to have a furnace tune-up performed each year. Heating systems lose about 10 percent of their original efficiency each year without upkeep. Tune-ups help to maintain efficiency, so your heater continues to work well and costs less to operate.
  • Extended Furnace Life – Furnaces run throughout the winter. The colder it gets outside, the harder they work inside. Then, they sit idle during the summer. Both factors can take a toll on a heating system and the parts that make it work. Without maintenance, your furnace could wear out and need to be replaced much sooner than it should. Home furnace tune-ups can make your heating system last longer.
  • Greater Safety – Gas leaks, electrical issues, and many other problems can make your heating system unsafe. In fact, a cracked heat exchanger can allow harmful carbon monoxide to mix with the air, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning to you and your loved ones. That being said, most of those problems aren’t obvious to the untrained eye. Our HVAC technicians go to great lengths to assess your furnace for safety issues during heating tune-ups. We also take care of those aspects, to make sure your family is safe.

Those are some of the primary reasons it’s important to schedule a residential furnace tune-up each year. It’s best to book this service before winter sets in to make sure you’re ready for cold weather ahead of time. We can perform routine maintenance any time of the year, though. Just contact us, and we’ll put our expertise to work for you.

What Does a Furnace Tune-Up Include?

When performing furnace tune-ups, we cover numerous points that can affect the performance, efficiency, and safety of a heating system. We also take measures to mitigate those potential problems. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your heating system and handle developing issues before they can cause breakdowns.

We clean burners, coils, and other components that can accumulate soot and debris over time. We lubricate moving parts and test belts, flame sensors, electrical parts, and additional components to make sure they’re in top-notch shape. What’s more, we can calibrate the thermostat and ensure the furnace’s built-in safety mechanisms are also working properly.

Those are some of the general measures we take to make sure your furnace is ready for winter. Each step in our heating tune-up process is designed to maximize your furnace’s heating capacity and safety. We also tailor our maintenance services based on the type of heating system you have in place.

Making Sure Your Furnace Works for You

Colonial Home Services is proud to help make sure Hampton Roads homeowners like you can depend on their heating systems when cold weather takes hold. We’re here to handle all your furnace maintenance and repair needs, and customer satisfaction is always our top priority.


If you’re ready to schedule an appointment for a furnace tune-up in the Hampton Roads area, contact us online or give us a call at (757) 272-7247. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is standing by to assist you!




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