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Many of our daily tasks deal with running water. Brushing your teeth, taking a shower, washing the dishes, and doing laundry are all impossible without it. This fact makes it especially difficult when you’re experiencing plumbing problems in your home. When issues with your water, drains, or toilets are impeding upon your daily tasks, it’s time to call the professionals for help.


Colonial Home Services has been taking care of residents and businesses in Newport News and Hampton for over 40 years. As an added benefit to our customers, we now offer plumbing installation and repair to homes and businesses in Newport News, Hampton, and the entire Virginia Peninsula.


Our highly-trained and fully-licensed plumbers can handle all plumbing repair and installation – from fixing leaky pipes and faucets to completing kitchen and bathroom remodels. You can trust our plumbing pros to provide you with the same level of service and quality work you’ve come to expect at Colonial.


We are your local plumbing company you can trust. To book an appointment with our professional plumbers, call your neighbors at Colonial today. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you, and your home, and earn your business with our reputable work! How can we help?




24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services


An overflowing toilet or damaged pipe that backs up sewage into your bathroom are plumbing issues that need attention immediately. At Colonial Home Services, we realize not every plumbing problem is something you can wait for an appointment with. To keep your bathroom and kitchen functioning day and night, we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services.



Offering Reliable Plumbing Solutions Near Virginia Beach, Newport News and Williamsburg


Our expert plumbers provide homeowners and business owners with the following services:



      • Plumbing Repair

      • Re-piping

      • Inspections

      • Leak Detections

      • Drain Cleaning

      • Water Heater Services


    For help with your plumbing repairs, installs, and maintenance, call (757) 272-7247.


    Plumbing Repair


    Plumbing repairs affect multiple areas of your home. Moreover, plumbers can fix your leaky toilet or faucet, help improve your low-water pressure, make your dishwasher or laundry machines run more efficiently, and unclog drains. Our plumbing technicians have the expertise to handle your residential and commercial plumbing needs.


    The biggest goal for plumbing repairs and maintenance is to keep your pipes clean, therefore extending the lifespan of your system. Additionally, plumbers aim to help deliver you clean water and reduce any water waste, being both conscious of your bills and the environment.




    Re-piping is often necessary when you notice cloudy water, leaks in your pipes, and you lack sufficient water pressure in your showers. Old copper plumbing also suffers from rust and corrosion over time and needs to be updated. Rust is a problem in pipes because it begins to flake away your pipe’s metal and leads to damaging clogs and leaks inside.


    During a re-piping service, our plumbers will remove your current water supply system and replace your faulty pipes with more efficient plumbing. The timeline for re-piping can be anywhere from a couple of days to a week, depending on the size of your home. However, this only leaves you without water during the actual switch between the old and new systems.




    Regular inspections are a service that homeowners often neglect. The thought process goes, why call in a plumber if you don’t have a problem yet? However, regular inspections are one of the most important tasks to increase the lifespan of your plumbing system. Plumbing maintenance also increases your energy efficiency and often reduces high bills.


    Waiting until something goes wrong will lead to expensive replacements, while preventive maintenance offers affordable repairs. During an inspection, our plumbers will check your pipes, appliances like toilets and sinks, your water heater, and even your sewer line. Having regular professional inspections ensures your system is both safe and up to code.


    Leak Detections


    Some leaks in your plumbing aren’t in places you can see like your bathroom, happening deep underground in your pipes instead. While it would be hard to detect these leaks yourself, our team of plumbing experts has equipment designed to hear the leaks underground. We can also use clamps to detect leaks from the parts of the pipe we can see.


    Underground leaks come with some obvious signs something is wrong. Outside, you may notice sinkholes, very green spots in the grass, or wet spots in your yard. Unfortunately, underground leaks can send foul sewage smells to your home. It’s important not to attempt sewage line repairs yourself because it can cause major problems for you and your neighbors.


    Drain Cleaning


    One of the most common plumbing problems is a clogged drain. While it’s often difficult to reach items stuck in your pipes yourself, our plumbers have helpful tools for drain cleaning and extraction services. Whether it’s taking the pipe apart safely to get out a stuck fork, inserting a hose to blast away debris or using a snake system to break up clogs, we have the solution.


    The hose method is also referred to as hydro-jetting. This service uses pressurized water to clean your drain and wash away dirt and debris. On the other hand, the snake system is more powerful than the typical snake you can buy at a hardware store. The motorized coil travels down your drain until it reaches the clogged item, so it can then break it down and clear it.


    Water Heater Services


    As far as routine plumbing services go, your water heater should be inspected at least once a year. Water heater services help to extend its lifespan, by catching and fixing problems early.


    Some of our typical water heater services include flushing your water heater to reduce sediment and clogs, inspecting how valves are functioning to prevent your tank from bursting and flooding your home, replacing your broken thermostat and relighting your pilot light. We can also check for rust and corrosion that might indicate the need for a replacement and can install that for you.



    Plumbers Virginia Beach, Newport News and Williamsburg, VA


    Leaky faucet driving you crazy? Need a toilet or bathroom fixture replaced? Have a slow or clogged drain that needs to be cleared? Call the professional plumbers at Colonial Home Services. All of our plumbers are licensed, and bonded and have the experience and training you can trust.



        • 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Repair Service

        • Pipe Repair & Replacement

        • Clogged Drain Cleaning

        • Water Heater Repair & Replacement

        • Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels



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